Services Offered

Browse the list of services we're currently offering. If you have any questions about the services we provide, please contact us. 218.724.8836

Shear Cut

Relax and enjoy a shampoo, precise haircut and a blowout or style.

Clipper Haircut

Sit back and enjoy a scalp massage shampoo, and a perfected haircut.

Shampoo / Blow Dry / Iron

Just want to have someone wash your hair and style it for a day on the town? Come on in! *Note, this does not include formal styles that you'd see at weddings or proms.

Bang Trim/Neck Trim

Quick little 5-minute service to reshape your bangs.

Shampoo & Set

Shampoo, roller set, and style.

All over Color

One solid color all over, shampoo and style.


Foils of a highlight and/or lowlight colors all over, shampoo and style.

Dimensional Color

Balayage/Specialty Color

This service includes a base color as well as foiling, for a blending of multiple natural colors.

Vivid/Fashion Color

A foil or all over color outside of the "natural" range, such as green, blue, purple, etc.

Bleach & Tone

All over bleach lightening, and then toning to a perfect shade of blonde, or fun color. Followed by a shampoo and style.


A detailed curling process, good for body, and/or curls.

Smoothing Treatment

A smoothing treatment for curly and/or frizzy hair. Adds shine and more manageability.

Lanza Emergengy treatment

A deep conditioning service for damaged or dry hair, followed by a shampoo and style.

Conditioning Treatment

A treatment to help reduce chlorine, product and mineral buildup.


A special occasion style.

Tape In Extension Application

Hair purchased through the salon are taped in at the roots to add thickness and length to the hair.

Re-Tape Extensions

Additional Toner/Glaze

Bleach & Tone Retouch

ultimate Weft Move Up

Weft Application

Specialty Services
Brow Tinting

Coloring eyebrows to desired tone,

Eyelash Tinting

Coloring lashes to desired color.

Eyelash Lift

"Perming" lashes to curl up, process can lighten lashes slightly, so it is recommended you book alongside a lash tint. Lasts about 4-6 weeks.

Eyelash Extensions

Application of semi-permanent lashes applied strand by stand to lengthen, thicken, and enhance the curl of natural lashes. Our establishment exclusively offers a "classic lash", which means there is one extension per one lash.

Makeup Lesson

Teaching client the basics of applying makeup.

Makeup Application

Makeup done for any occasion!

3D Microblading Hair Strokes

This is a crafting/artistic technique which creates hair strokes that will fill to your desire eyebrow shape and enhance your overall appearance.

PMU Annual Refresh (Microblading)

Ready to get your brows touched up a year after you got them done? Come on in and we'll make sure they continue looking their best!

The "Blade and Shade" Brow

Partial microblading where needed to create perfect natural hair strokes appearance while the powder application will create the ombre effect and sharp unique appearance accordingly.

Annual Refresh ("Blade and Shade" Brow)

Ready to get your brows touched up a year after you got them done? Come on in and we'll make sure they continue looking their best!

Beard Trim

Full FILL hybrid lashes

Full FILL volume lashes

Full set hybrid lash extensions

Full set volume lash extensions

Heavy fill hybrid lashes

Heavy fill volume lashes

Permanent Jewelry Application

Aveda Hand Relief Express Manicure

Basic manicure... Shape nail, buff, lotion.

Manicure w/ Polish

Luxurious manicure... soak, shape nail, massage, and polish.

Aveda Foot Relief Express Pedicure

Basic pedicure... shape, buff, lotion.

Spa Pedicure

waxing services
Brow Wax

Chin Wax

Lip Wax

Ear Wax

Nose Wax